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There are three areas of cost you will have to deal with in regards to having a web site.

Hosting the Web Site

The following packages list the cost to host the space for your web site,  and what is included with that cost.  The "setup" fee is a one time fee, whereas the "monthly fee" is the charge per month to "rent" the server space.

Business Web Site Features & Costs:

Server Space FTP Access Email
Set-up Fee
Set-up Fee
Hosting Fee
25 MEG Yes Unlimited* Yes $50** $50 $25/mo or

* E-Mail Addresses !  Free with one time setup charge of $5 each address.

**DNS , or Domain Name Service, is a service providing you with your own URL address.  If you wish to have your own URL address, the charge is $50.  This fee covers your first two years with a registrar (the company who registers the addresses) as well as our setup fee.  *After two years, you will be bill directly for your URL address on an annual basis. (Only if no maintenance program exists)

Transfer fee :  Pre-existing web sites can be transferred to our server at a fee of $50.00  Note: You must be listed as Admin Contact on registrar documentation.

Designing the Web Site - The cost of having your web site designed and put on the Internet may vary greatly and much of that cost depends on you. If you do not have an idea of how you would like your web site to look, it will take much more time and effort on our part, which will increase the total expense of your web site.  If you already have a plan or an outline of what you would like your site to say, our job is much easier, less time consuming,  and therefore more affordable for you.   The basic cost is as follows: 

Each Primary 8 1/2 x 11"
Primary -  includes: Forms, Templates, Graphical and Hyperlink pages. $100
Each Secondary 8 1/2 x 11"
Secondary - includes - Text & Photographic pages. $50
Additional work
Updates, layouts, designing, creating logos, etc. $50/hour

Web Site Maintenance - We offer various Web site Maintenance packages:

Basic Maintenance - $75.00/mo
  • 3 hours design change or revision per month
  • Submission to the most popular Search Engines
  • Creation of Meta Tag Entries for your pages
  • No annual or monthly hosting fee
  • No domain re-registration fee after the first 2 years
Basic Plus Maintenance - $100.00/mo
  • Same features as Basic Maintenance
  • Includes extensive web traffic statistics page (see included traffic report)
Advanced Maintenance - $125.00/mo
  • All the features of the Basic Plus with a total of 4 revision hours
Advanced Maintenance Plus - $175.00/mo
  • All the features of the Advanced with a total of 6 revision hours

Note: Advanced maintenance fees are determined by monthly content updates, layout changes, re-design  or any additional time required for revisions.