Dog fanciers have recognized the need to spread good will beyond the home boundaries.  There are too many strays, abuse cases and abandoned animals.  Dogs in these situations need help, and they can't supply it themselves.  Their so-called owners won't supply it.

Local and national clubs have organized rescue associations to aid in placing these needy dogs.  Members volunteer to investigate situations, check out shelters and even to house a victim temporarily.  Because of conditions where the animals may have suffered physically as well as mentally, many dogs need TLC and veterinary treatment before a new home is sought.  Usually the dog is neutered/spayed before  placement.  Occasionally, there is a waiting list for "orphans of the storm".  Other times, a dog must be maintained and made well again before being adopted.  All prospective homes are thoroughly screened so that the tragedy does not reoccur.

Medical care, boarding, adoption fees, transportation and routine expenses all mean that breed rescue programs need funds.  Some Samaritans foot the bills themselves.  Clubs hold fundraising occasions which include bake sales, garage sales, recycling, tattoo clinics, auctions, matches, dog washes and dips and a rescue "check-off" included with the check for annual dues.  Recipients of rescued dogs often respond and are, in some cases, required to make donations.

When these dogs are once again sound, they are place in good homes.  In this way, club members feel they are giving something back to the breed they love so much.

Breeders can assist in assuring that their pups won't someday be in need of rescue by including return clauses in their contracts.  The breeder should always have first option to take the dog back if he needs to be placed.   Follow up on pups with inquiries to see how they're doing, requests for photos to fill the breeder's scrapbook, and suggestions of training classes.  Offering your assistance to groom or handle the dog and your availability to answer questions will help the new owner make it through tough times and offer assurance that one of your pups won't become a victim of our throw-away society.

Reference:    Rottweilers by Anna Katherine Nicholas    #1 Best Selling Rottweiler Book
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